4 Ways To Create Affiliate Links In WordPress: Add Manually Or Use Plugins?

You’ve started a website with WordPress and started creating some great engaging content.

Now you need to add affiliate links to your posts. But, how do you do it?

In this article, I’m going to show you some free and simple methods to create and add affiliate links in WordPress. I’ll also share some paid options that could be the more effective ways to save time.

To start off with, here are four different ways you can add affiliate links to a WordPress website.

This might be a personal blog, an affiliate website, or an ecommerce store. These methods will work for any type of WordPress site.


how to add affiliate links to wordpress

Manually inserting links is the most straightforward way to add affiliate links to your WordPress site, and it’s the method used by most users.

It’s free and only requires you to copy and paste your link from an affiliate program into your blog posts.

The downside is that it can take quite a long time, especially when you have a lot of articles and links to add.

When should you use this method?

You should start adding affiliate links to your blog manually as soon as possible.

If you’re focusing on the Amazon Associates Program, there are a lot of options for adding affiliate links using WordPress plugins. However, to use these plugins, you need access to the Amazon API, which only becomes available after qualified sales on Amazon.

So, the sooner you add links manually and start making commissions, the sooner you can use a plugin to add links.


Using a  WordPress affiliate linking plugin to add affiliate links has many benefits.

It can save you time and increase your affiliate commissions. This is because many of the plugins can do more than add links.

They can also add:

  • Clickable images
  • Product detail boxes
  • Product comparison tables
  • And more

More advanced features like click tracking are also possible with some of these affiliate link plugins.

Some popular affiliate link plugins for Amazon include:

  1. AAWP
  2. AmaLinks Pro
  3. EasyAzon

Later in this post, I’ll show you how to create Amazon affiliate links with the premium plugin AAWP.

When should you use this method?

As soon as you can use the Amazon API and have the budget for it.

The sooner you use a plugin to add affiliate links, the more efficient the process will be to add affiliate links to your site.

auto affiliate

Link cloaking is a means of turning a long and ugly affiliate link into a friendly and readable pretty link.

You can do this in WordPress with a link cloaking plugin such as ThirstyAffiliates or PrettyLinks.

There’s a lot of debate and confusion about whether you should cloak Amazon affiliate links. Some people swear by it, whereas others have gotten their Amazon Associate account banned for violating the terms of use.

Also, cloaking Amazon affiliate links might not be the most efficient way of adding affiliate links in WordPress, because it adds another step to the process.

However, there are some benefits of using this method when using other affiliate programs. For example, once you’ve added a link with Thirsty Affiliates, you can update all mentions of a product or keyword on your site with an affiliate URL.

Some link cloaking tools, such as Pretty Links, also offer click tracking so you can determine which affiliate links on your site get the most clicks.




When should you use this method?

This method is best used when you want to link to a static sales page or home page of an affiliate product.

Best cases for this are SaaS tools or single product websites that offer independent affiliate programs.


Another method is to use a service like Geniuslink.

This service and WordPress plugin localize your links so you can make commissions internationally, an excellent way to increase your affiliate revenue.

Geniuslink automatically turns new and old product links on your WordPress blog into affiliate links, saving you time inserting different links for each country.

You also get a dashboard with advanced affiliate link tracking so you know which links and posts are performing the best. The only real disadvantage is that the more clicks you get, the more money it costs per month.

When should you use this method?

It’s best to use a service like Geniuslink when your affiliate blog is more established.

When your WordPress blog is new, the few clicks you get will unlikely convert into a commission, so you might want to wait until you have more traffic before using a service like Geniuslink…

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