First off, I would like to thank all of you who continue to visit this site.

I have been online for some time now and this is the second time I have entered the Internet Marketing area. For most of my time, I have been concentrated on niche websites.

I have to say that now, as I did before, I am quite disillusioned with this IM area.

Admittedly there are some honest people out there but what I do see a lot of is folks promoting really crappy products. I know, because I bought a few…

Products that don’t work as they are supposed to…

People that don’t stand behind their products and leave you frustrated with a lack of support.

So much so that I have become very disheartened with the whole thing. Added to this is the fact that you end up being subscribed to so many email lists that you start to get information overload and don’t know what to do for the best.

And I can’t start to endorse a lot of things in the IM area and have a clear conscience. That’s why I prefer to concentrate on niche websites, which is a whole different market, and try and be of some help to my visitors.

You have probably noticed that I have started to include articles about mindset on this site. Mindset is just one part of the topic of Personal Development.

To be successful and happy in life, whether working online or not, we all need to build up our self-confidence, focus, motivation, and positivity.

I think this is especially true now after the last couple of years.

That’s why I have decided to change the focus of this site to this topic.

It’s no use trying to be successful at anything unless you have some important fundamentals in place first.

Now, I’m no expert or guru, but what I do promise to bring you is sensible, actionable information that will hopefully enrich your lives.

The articles I do have on other topics such as affiliate marketing and blogging etc. will still be available in an archived area that you can refer to.

I hope that you will continue to visit me and that you will find this transition will be of value to you.

Thanks for reading!

Dave Kendrick