How can Anyone Earn Through Affiliate Marketing Without a Website in 2020?

Affiliate marketing is so versatile that it covers a whole lot of niches and categories outside its workspace. Affiliate marketers can either become bloggers, E-commerce website owners, Self-help coaches, lifestyle coaches, etc., depending on how you plan on actualizing what you are passionate about.

Affiliate Marketing works with individual passion, it helps in monetizing such passion through marketing products or services specifically designed for what you are individually good at doing, for instance, if you have always been a fitness enthusiast, or fashion-lover, as an affiliate marketer you want to sell, or market products based on such passion, that is the reason why it is important to always carve out a niche as a beginner in affiliate marketing that is applicable to your personal lifestyle, so it enables you market your affiliate product better to your target audience.

In reference to my last post, I made an analysis between SEO contents and landing pages, in trying to determine which holds a superior value to an affiliate marketer, especially in the beginning stages.

From the analysis, it was concluded that landing pages, despite the relevance of SEO contents, still holds more superior value  to an affiliate marketer, because, that is where the actual conversion takes place (prospect to purchase), including the conviction that lures prospects into buying the product or hiring the service. This is important to note as a beginner in affiliate marketing or an intermediate, because you can avoid using a website or blog and strictly focus on paid advertising, but one thing you can’t  avoid is setting up a good landing page structure or content, except you plan on adopting the traditional method of marketing “door-to-door” which seems implausible.
Paid advertising is the most proficient and common method for affiliate marketers, who do not own a blog or a website, to sell and reach there targeted audiences or clients, but it won’t be included as a viable alternative to owning a website, for several reasons:
1,  Paid advertising, in order to yield real result, can be financially tasking, especially if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, or intermediate without any source of advertising funding, or haven’t had any ROI yet on the ads campaign you initially set-up. Notwithstanding, if you have the financial resource or budget for paid advertising, then it can be considered.
2, Paid advertising is quite sensitive, in the sense that, even if you have a budget to pull through, if not done intelligently so as to target your audiences properly, then your capital investment on PPC ads becomes wasted, providing you with thousands or millions of impressions and leads, with fewer sales. Although this depends on the advertising services or social media platform you choose to work with, and their relative system of demographic and audience detailing.
The two main marketing substitutes in place of owning a website, might not come as a surprise, because it is the most common and active strategy for building a TOFU (Top of the Funnel) in terms of Inbound marketing. Although however familiar you might think these substitutes are, you might want to pay close attention, because there are some tricks and tips that articles of this sort don’t make known in their respective write-ups.
1) Social Media Marketing
It still remains the best option in creating brand awareness and online marketing in the year 2020 and beyond. Statista reports show that 2019 rated over 2.9 billion social media users, a number envisioned to increase by 3.4 billion in 2023. Currently in 2020, the number of social media growth has increased to 48% and would keep increasing because of the availability of cheap mobile phones made available to the populace by most upcoming digital companies, looking to enable social media penetration for their mobile device specifications.
With the coronavirus pandemic, and stay at home lockdown, the number of social media users have increased immensely globally, excluding existing users. However, the most important aspect is how you as an affiliate marketer, can take advantage of such opportunity to maximize your sales and profit.
So, let’s cut to the chase, how can you use this strategy in place of paying hundreds of dollars to a web developer? I would be sharing a simple trick that can enable your Social Media marketing easier and more engaging for your promotions and marketing.

a) Display Picture (DP) For Attention
Back in 2016, when I was into the business of building Instagram and Twitter accounts for my clients, there was a very simple and legitimate tactic that got the job done rapidly and increased their followers greatly. 
This tactic is still very much utilized by social media influencers to boost traffic and create awareness for their respective brands. It is what I personally called the “DP tactic”.
The DP tactic works well for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, note that this is not an attempt to deceive your audience or followers; it is simply a play for attention by having an attractive face for your social media marketing, which preferably must be a female model.
Why a female? Let’s start with Facebook. Results from the Audience insight tool from the Facebook Ads manager shows that over 65% of Facebook users are women. Instagram demographics for 2020 also shows that 56.3% are female users, while 43% are males. 
Twitter is slightly different, with more males (65%) than females (38%), but it can still count as an advantage because uniquely, female DPs possess a more powerful and dominant social presence and are more prone to online engagements than male DPs.
As a male affiliate marketer trying to establish an engaging online community and leads at the beginning stages, you might want to consider having an attractive model as the face of your business page.
You must use a picture of someone you know or you are familiar with, either your family or your friends, someone attractive enough to pose as the model for your brand. You can also consider hiring the services of a freelance model that could possess a more photogenic appeal, so that anyone who stumbles on your profile and sees the display picture would not have a reason to resist following you or liking your page.
Top industries and brands in fashion, fitness, Art, and Advertising, often use this as a powerful marketing tactic to compete for attention, especially advertising agencies (online advertisers and TV commercials). As an affiliate marketer, you can employ the same tactic as a temporary measure for drawing attention to your social media page.
People are always quick to react to appealing images, they see online, and you can use this trick as an advantage in garnering more followers and audiences to your social media account, but avoid going overboard- do not use provocative display pictures or pictures of female celebrities, simply use professional and attractive pictures of a model you know or hired, so as to capture the right attention to your online services and marketing (the right attention matters a lot).
When messaging your online audience or clients directly, be quick to let them know all about you and your marketing portfolio, and to make them understand (if necessary) that your display picture is simply a face or model representing your brand.
This trick is a temporary measure employed by most male socialites and influencers to gather online popularity and boost their community traffic, because they know the importance of having an attractive display picture on a social media profile. 
If you are female affiliate marketer, then it becomes easier, simply make sure you have a professional and attractive display picture of yourself that could capture attention to your page or profile.
A good display picture must speak quality and not blur…  Use a good display picture that can be clearly seen and appreciated.
b)  Make your Social media platform entertaining to your audience, not just marketing, and throwing products on their faces.  It is ideal that once in a while you post contents (related to your business niche) that could come off as entertaining, to either make your audience laugh or react differently, anything to spark engagement and increase your social status.

c)  Bear in mind that your social media page acts as a substitute to a website, so “content is still king”. When marketing to your audience, create content around whatever product or service you are marketing, to give your prospects enough reason to take an action towards making a purchase.

2) Pinterest Marketing Tip
Personally, Pinterest appears more as a search engine for pictures than a social media platform, and a lot of experts would agree with this because pictures relating to any business niche used by online marketers and influencers are mostly gotten from Pinterest.
Pinterest can be likened to a picture search engine, where over 200 million people visit daily to save and share new picture contents or infographics.
Unlike Instagram, Pinterest is preferred by affiliate marketers because it enables links to their affiliate products or blogs, and it is quite easy to build impressions and get clicks, here is how:

A) Create a business Pinterest account, not a regular account, by going to and login into your business dashboard.
Pinterest Business Dashboard.

B. After creating your account, create a board. A board on Pinterest houses your relative pins ( a title for Pinterest posts), e.g., if you create a board on Keto diet, that board should only contain pins relating to a Keto diet. You can also create as many boards as possible relating to different variations of your business niche.
Create A Pinterest Board from Your Profile

C)  The trick is not to create only one board, but create at least 10 boards within 48 hours, and stuff each board with about 25 pins.  How do you get 25 pins?

D) With much effort, you can create as much pin as you want, or a better alternative is to search for other top-ranking Pinterest posts or pins in your niche and save them according to your own relative boards. By so doing you can beat your 25 pins target which turns as a halo-effect in increasing your online presence to Pinterest users.
Note that you should also create pins related to your affiliate products and save them on your boards, your boards should not just contain pins from other sources. Use Canva (which is a free template tool) to create Pinterest pins, using the recommended Pinterest template size. Quality pictures are very vital in Pinterest and when creating a pin or picture it should relate to the product you are marketing.
Creating A Quality Pin is Necessary to advertise your affiliate product
Also, note that online platforms such as Facebook, and Pinterest do not frequently entertain affiliate links, therefore avoid spamming your links, that is why it is crucial to have several landing pages for all your affiliate products, so you can use your landing page links for advertising  products to your online community or audiences, rather than advertising with your raw affiliate link. You can create a free landing page contents on Mailchimp or Mailmunch.
3) Automated Targeting
Automated targeting is more economical than paid advertising for affiliate marketers. A lot of so-called experts in affiliate marketing mostly utilize automation targeting to boost their sales.
The cost of getting a good and quality automated software or program is much more affordable than hiring a web developer, or using PPC (pay-per-click) advertising to market affiliate products.
There are some reviews about new and improved automated tools in 2020, that are geared towards helping affiliate marketers target their customers faster and increase their affiliate sales.
These tools are reliable and user friendly (for beginners and experts) and built to last for a long period of time. You can see the summaries about these automated tools here: Audience Toolkit For Online Marketers and Webinarkit for  Business Owners and Affiliate Marketers
If you have queries or questions relating to this post please kindly leave a comment, suggestions are also welcomed.

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