JVzoo affiliate: How to get Approved by Product Vendors


Product vendors on the JVzoo affiliate platform are always careful when deciding who should promote their products.

Some affiliate marketers tend to abuse affiliate links either through spamming or false promotions and because of such tendencies, vendors always prefer working with affiliates who already have a good track record in sales.

The image below shows the page for requesting vendor approval:



Before getting to the stage of requesting ‘vendor approval’, you must have created a JVzoo account with important details about yourself. 

Sales record and marketing skills (if available) can also be included to make it easier for vendors to become comfortable with your profile and your work capacity.

If you don’t have a JVzoo affiliate account yet, see this summary.

 But what if you just created a JVzoo account and you have no sales records, how then can you convince a vendor to approve you for his or her product?


Lesson#1 – It starts with how you plan to promote the product

Affiliate marketing is structured with diligent sales strategies. This form of online marketing can be seen as another kind of business model that employs the right marketing tools and the proper approach.

Before typing in a message requesting product approval, first of all consider your marketing strategy and approach. How do you actually plan on promoting a product? And how sure are you that your plan would work in favor of both you and the vendor?

The answers to these questions determine your chances of getting approved.

Most vendors are interested in knowing your sales strategy, which can include: content marketing, social media marketing, PPC advertising, email marketing, etc..

The whole point is to make sure they can trust you with their product and they can further rely on you to increase their sales.

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, the best sales strategy to consider should be content marketing, which means you can either promote products through blogging or through video content.

Content marketing is a very effective sales strategy among most affiliate marketers because, through content marketing, other types of strategies can be easily integrated, such as social media marketing and email marketing.


 Lesson #2- Why do you want to promote the product?

It is important to know why you actually want to promote a vendor’s product. The answer to this question could come from your market survey about the product category, i.e, the demand and consumption rate of the product, the target market (niche product),  competition analysis, and the quality of the product itself.

The reason for promoting a product may be external to your niche, in most cases affiliate marketers don’t consider their preferred niche as a criterion for promoting a product, because sometimes it may depend on how resourceful such a product is to public review and consumption.

Therefore, if you find the vendor’s product resourceful based on your survey, then it can be included as part of your request message, detailing the essential factors why such a product needs to be promoted.

When writing down your reasons for promoting a product it should not include the following:

  • Your personal interest or what you stand to gain for promoting the product. Only the vendor’s interest should be considered.


  • The commission rate of the product. 

  • Your love for the product, especially if it is a product you are familiar with (in this scenario no one cares about that).


Quick note: Most product vendors on Jvzoo have delayed commission rules for affiliates who they are not familiar with, or have not made over fifty to a hundred sales, For example, see the image below:



If you encounter such vendors at the beginning stages of your JVzoo affiliate career, you can skip them until you have been able to meet up with their requirements.


Lesson #3- Exploring the Vendor’s profile

Exploring the vendor’s profile can provide you with significant information to include in your request message.

JVzoo provides a handful of information for their vendors, see the image below:


Vendor profile displaying sales records.

Vendor’s endorsement


The information is usually limited to their sales record and endorsement.


However, the JV page or sales page of a vendor can also provide you with vital information about the vendor’s product antecedents and background, which can help in structuring your message.


Lesson #4- Your Request Message should be straightforward (“How” & “Why”)

Your request message should be brief and straight to the point.  JVzoo request message tab only allows 255 words.

Every message should start with a personal introduction, and it should consist of “How” you plan on promoting the product and “why” you want to promote the product.

This is a common message format I personally use to get approved for products, You can also adopt the same:

“ Hello (include the name of the vendor),

I am (Your name), a (your professional title), and I would like to promote your (name of the product) because (state your reasons)…and I plan on promoting your product through my blog and to my email subscribers.

Awaiting your approval…



For more explicit details, see the message template below:



“Hello, Jane Doe,


I am John, a digital marketer, and blogger, and I would love to promote the “SEO audit tool” because of its quality features and affordable pricing compared to other similar tools. I am sure this tool would be really useful to my email subscribers and blog audiences who have previously requested for a product like this.

Looking forward to working with you.




(Total message word count –67)


Avoid using complicated grammar and excessive use of vocabulary. The goal is not to show how proficient your English language is, rather, it is to let the vendor know how you can be of service to his or her product.

The preferred language for requesting approval on the JVzoo affiliate network is English. If you are German or from Sri Lanka and your English is not so good, I recommend you use a translator app.


If after sending a request message to a vendor through the JVzoo platform and you were denied approval, you can try sending another request message through the vendor’s social media page. This would let the vendor know how serious you are about promoting his product, and you can be reconsidered for approval.

If possible subscribe to the vendor’s email newsletter through his or her JV page to stay updated on new product launches.





























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