Marketing Skills You Need to Develop as an Affiliate Marketer

It is normally stressed among advocates that affiliate marketing can be done without needing an extra degree or certification. This notion remains true because affiliate marketing is simply a passive occupation.

However, for affiliate marketing to yield results and become a good revenue source, there are some fundamental marketing skills that are required.

These skills go beyond developing habits or routines, they are actually what makes the whole concept of ‘online marketing’ and eCommerce, professional.

In this article, I am going to be sharing some important marketing skills you need to develop in order to erect your affiliate marketing career on a profitable pedestal.

SKILL #1 – Conducting KYC

KYC, otherwise known as “Know Your Customer” involves getting sufficient data and information about your customers or clientele, These usually includes their; personal information, occupation, etc.

This strategy is normally utilized by financial institutions and other business organizations, but with a slightly different approach. For instance, the bank in most situations uses KYC when dealing with high-risk customers, or PEPs (Politically Exposed Person) for security purposes, and to check fraudulent activities, while for business organizations like sole proprietors, corporations, etc, KYC is mostly used to identify consumer needs and preferences.

The definition of KYC is objective in the sense that, it deals with customer profiling, but the approach is quite diverse, and it depends on the business structure or institution it is being used. 

In the aspect of affiliate marketing, ‘knowing your customer’ is strictly based on their “interests”, and as a direct implication, this improves the quality of your target market. The interest of your customers must also be related to your niche.

You need to sell to the right people online, and in order to do that, you must know what product or services interest them, unlike the bank or other top business institutions, you may not have the privilege of a one-on-one contact with customers, therefore this makes it difficult in knowing their classes or societal status (whether rich or poor, high-risk or low-risk, etc.) but by studying their demographics using analytical tools like; Google-analytics if you are a blogger, Audience Insight, if you prefer Facebook marketing, and so on…knowing individual interests becomes easier.




I recommend that in conducting KYC as an affiliate marketer, use these tools as an advantage and find out what kind of audiences would be interested in your product or brand in general.


To learn how to use Google Analytics see this summary.


To learn how to use a tool like Facebook Audience Insight, see this.

KYC is very significant in marketing and you would get to learn more about its significance in the latter parts of this post.

SKILL #2 – Learning Creativity

Creativity is marketing. Executing ideas that could help  expand your brand awareness and get to your target audience faster is a skill set that needs to be acquired, these may include :


  • Developing skills in content marketing: this would enable you reach your audiences through blogging, podcasting, vlogging, social media creatives, etc.


  • Developing skills in graphical arts: which can enable you create landing page templates, thumbnails for your contents, creative ad copies for your promotional campaigns, and so on…


Creativity is the aesthetics of marketing, you need to possess the skill needed to make your product presentable and attractive to potential customers.


Sometimes products with minimal quality or benefits can have an increasing amount of supply because of proper “packaging”, i.e, people could care less about the product itself, because the creativity used in marketing the product and making it attractive can sometimes overshadow the quality of that particular product.

Creativity is a common and effective tactic utilized by content creators and content marketers. They understand the power behind creating a controversial or attractive landing page, thumbnail, and snippet for their contents, because they know people are easily carried away by what they see, especially if it looks shiny and fancy, which in turn increases their CTR and conversions.

As an affiliate marketer, it is important to develop your creativity. Indirectly, this also comes down to how well you know your customer (KYC). If you can understand your customer’s interests better, then you can find creative ways to profit from those interests positively.


SKILL #3-  Learning Conviction

You are familiar with the famous wolf of wall street phrase sell me this pen”, exactly! now, this phrase has been used in different contexts and scenarios, marketing included, but the main idea behind the phrase is “conviction”.

As a marketer of any kind, you must develop the skill of conviction. You must learn to be able to convince an Eskimo to buy an Icicle,  or a fish to buy water, figuratively speaking.

We discussed creativity earlier, and it is tempting to think that creativity sparks conviction, or that they should go together, but that is not entirely valid or logical, because creativity can only appeal to the physical sensations of a prospect, but conviction digs deeper to the psychology of that prospect.


The most common ways of learning how to convince people are always narrowed down to the following :


  • Improving communication skills


  • Having knowledge of the right information


  • Creativity and Ideas.


These points are indeed important, but the major weapon used in convincing people to buy a product or service is simply providing a solution to an existing problem.

This can be referred to as a ‘white-hat’ method employed by most marketing experts to convince people into buying their products.  The best way to convince a prospect is to get your product into their heads or psyche, and there is no better way to do that than to let them know about their problems and how you can solve it for them.

Convincing people also means knowing their interests and understanding their problems (KYC). No matter how good you are at convincing, if you are doing it to the wrong audience (having no interest in your niche or brand) you would be wasting your time and effort.


SKILL #4 – Research & Survey

Conducting research and survey is a skill you must have in order to understand your business environment.  You have to be good at finding out :


  • The demand & consumption rate of the product you are marketing.


  • How to Spy on the competition


  • Quality results and reviews of the affiliated product.


  • KYC, etc…


To learn more about conducting market research and surveys, see refer to this.



Learn these skills faster by making it a habit to read books, online courses, and articles relating to new marketing strategies, structures and procedures.

Developing your marketing senses can be really beneficial in making you a successful affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is interrelated with several eCommerce categories you can explore if you improve your skills in the psychology involved in B2C (Business to Customer) marketing operations.







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