Social innovations to watch out for

Social media never stops evolving, and each new month welcomes brand-new updates across all of the beloved social media platforms. For your brand or clients, you need to know about them… Here are our favourite innovations for October 2021.

1. TikTok tests new ‘pin’ feature TikTok is currently testing a new feature that will allow its users to pin selected videos to the top of their profile. Whilst this is not a major change to the platform itself, it is following in the footsteps of many other social platforms that already hold this feature, allowing social media managers and users more control as to how their content is displayed and pushed to their audience.

The example above, which was posted by Sam Schmir, showcases what this new feature looks like and will allow you to pin up to three clips across the top line of your profile. This is another strategic opportunity to control and showcase the content you want to reach your audience first.

2. Is this the end of LinkedIn stories? Sadly yes… after Twitter also announced its decision late last month, LinkedIn has followed their way and is also no longer hosting stories across its platform. Stories will be removed by the end of September as they begin to work on a new feature.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“We introduced Stories last year as a fun and casual way to share quick video updates. We’ve learned a ton. Now, we’re taking those learnings to evolve the Stories format into a reimagined video experience across LinkedIn that’s even richer and more conversational. We want to embrace mixed media and creative tools of Stories in a consistent way across our platform, while working to integrate it more tightly with your professional identity.”

Will you be missing the stories feature?

3. Twitter tests topic-based communities Twitter is currently testing a new feature called ‘Communities’, which allows its users to share tweets to a selected group of users based on topics of interest.

As explained by Twitter:

“Twitter Communities were created to give people a dedicated place to connect, share, and get closer to the discussions they care about most.”

They understand that not every conversation is for everyone, and hope this new feature can help filter to give users a more direct and personalised experience. The new micro features within this community feature, such as being able to directly tweet to that ‘community’  overexposing it to your whole following, will be a way of directing content to the right people.

4. Instagram is working on a new feature to convert Stories to ReelsIn a bid to grow Reels, Instagram is currently testing a new “Stories Montage”, which will allow its users to convert their Instagram Stories into Reel video clips. It will allow you to choose the relevant stories you wish to feature and put them together for you, finalising it with allowing the options to add relevant audio.

5. Are you attending TikTok world? As TikTok only continues to grow, becoming more influential by the day, many brands are looking to integrate into this platform to support their marketing focuses.

However, with all social platforms, innovations seem to come on a weekly basis, meaning it can be a tough job to keep up to date with all the latest strategies and tactics.

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